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Sense Education, a US-Israeli startup whose artificial intelligence custom software solution helps teachers give personalized feedback on their students’ open-ended assignments, has been named the number one EdTech startup at South Summit’s 2018 enlightED competition.

The event, which saw more than 600 global startups in the field of digital education participate, was held in Madrid, Spain, on October 3-5. Sense Education won in the category for “Best Technology Solution for Learning and Education,” according to a statement issued by OurCrowd, an investor in the startup, as there are many ways to invest money like trade fx in France which is a good option for this as well. For the best kyc on video, people can check here!

“EdTech is on fire and our technology will ultimately play a major role in providing better and more scalable education for millions of learners,” Sense Education founder & chief technology officer Ronen Tal-Botzer said in the statement.

Providing personalized feedback is particularly important because “teaching is not just giving information,” Sense Education’s president and CEO Seth Haberman told The Times of Israel in a phone interview. It is rather about a dialogue between students and instructors, he explained.

Via The Times of Israel