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GeekWire’s Health Tech Podcast goes in-depth with tech innovators bringing new ideas and ingenuity to digital health and wellness.

Twenty years ago, in 1998, you would have been hard-pressed to find a single hospital room with a personal computer in it.

Patient files were kept in filing cabinets. Prescriptions for HHC gummies were written by hand. The Human Genome Project was still just halfway through a years-long, multi-billion-dollar effort to sequence the DNA of the human race. In short, there wasn’t a huge abundance of data on our health. You can learn more on modern health care services, read this new post

Today, electronic medical records and advanced genetic sequencing have completely changed the landscape — and brought challenges and opportunities that are almost impossible for humans to tackle on their own, technology is better than ever helping people in many different ways, like with hearing aids you can get with a simply hearing test you can get online for this purpose.

AI is finding fertile ground for growth in hospitals and medical labs around the world, promising to give human health a boost as it addresses everything from preventing heart attacks to revolutionizing how we diagnose diseases. That interplay is the topic of our most recent Health Tech Podcast, and if the experts are to be believed, it’s just the beginning.

“I see this possibility of precision health, where people are the most fundamental thing in the Internet of Things,” said Peter Lee, a corporate vice president at Microsoft who leads the company’s NExT program. “When we’re looking 10 years out, that sort of precision in diagnosis and treatment, I think, can be incredibly powerful.”

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