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“Sepio’s software suite can prevent the recent ATM Jackpotting attacks”.

“Sepio’s software suite can prevent the recent ATM Jackpotting attacks,” said Robert Bigman, a senior advisor to Sepio and the former Chief Information Security Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency. “The recent attacks are a painful demonstration of the ease of executing cyber-attack after gaining physical access to IT equipment. The current approach to ATM security is insufficient. Integrating cyber-physical security components is a necessity,” added Mr. Bigman.

ATM Jackpotting attacks have been around for a while, mostly in South America and Africa. Recent developments and warnings coming from the U.S Secret Service confirm that this type of cyber-crime is now widely happening in the US as well.

The described attack goes through the process of infecting the ATM with the Ploutus.D malware, and then maintaining remote access capabilities to trigger the cash spitting. All Jackpotting attacks, require physical access to the ATM to connect USB device. Keyboard emulator, detachable media and wireless interface are used for infecting the machine.

“Sepio’s software suite prevent these attacks by blocking any malicious hardware from being connected. Our solution alerts when a new device is connected before the attack starts,” said Greg Poch, Sepio Systems Vice President of Sales. “Our clients find our solution effective and easy to maintain,” added Mr. Poch.

Via PRWeb