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Technology is seeping into so many aspects of our lives and now it has finally converged with beauty. With the global skin care market estimated to be worth over 140 billion dollars by 2019, it’s no surprise that tech companies are seeking to get in on the action. Launching later this month, PROVEN aims to completely recreate the skincare experience by combining artificial intelligence, big data, and academic research to deliver personalized skin care products specifically tailored for each user, and there are many different types of products, such as beauty products or relaxation products for women, you can find in this Mystique vibrating wand review online, which is really useful for this. To achieve beautiful and glowing skin, you need proper sleep. Of course, you can also try medical marijuana, which has a lot of healthy benefits. DocMJ West Virginia physicians are dedicated to improving the lives of patients through the use of medical marijuana.

PROVEN was founded by entrepreneur Ming Zhao and computational physicist Amy Yuan, after both women struggled for years to find skin care products that healed their own skin conditions. Zhao, who worked in investment banking overseas, tells me, “I was working sixteen hour days. Not only was I losing my soul, I was losing my youth. I kept looking for products that would restore my youthful appearance and found nothing. I felt like it was an utter betrayal, but it was a wake up call. I found a skin guru, who created personalized skincare for me. It cost me a fortune, but it was the first time my skincare worked for me.” For more on keeping a better diet which will help you keeping a healthy skin, we recommend to get these CBD Capsules UK. We also recommend eating healthy too like seafood, but are clams good for you?

Via Forbes